la fattoriaLike every element in this area of the Province of Siena, it too is steeped in history. Its ancient architecture dates back to the Middle Ages when the entire area was an important Ghibelline outpost, loyal to the Republic of Siena (around 1260).


Not far away is the famous Via Francigena, a road traveled for centuries by merchants and pilgrims from every country that led to Rome, and whose construction is linked to the Lombard King Rotari.

The size of the farm is remarkable, extending over 266.47 hectares in total. The farm, equipped with a cellar and a vinsantaia (76 casks), produces I.G.T. wine, Vin Santo, and cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. All these products are available at the dedicated sales point.

In addition to the main farm center, there are several ancient rural annexes, including the small church and the "Bosco Bruciato" farm.